SMS Messages

Available on every mobile phone in use today, SMS messages let you reach your target audience anywhere, anytime. SMS regularly performs better than email: SMS offers immediate delivery, with low network latency.

Large-scale and efficient marketing, with reach that potentially includes anyone with a mobile phone.

SMS is a fast and reliable communication channel for reaching your customers. SMS has a 94% open rate. 9 out of 10 texts are read with 3 seconds. Its ubiquity ensures that SMS stays one of the key communication channels.

SMS enhances your marketing efforts by increasing interactivity and responsiveness with your customers via two-way text messaging. Engage customers in a dialogue that improves service and satisfaction.

SMS does not require location sharing, an internet connection, or any specific app to be delivered and read. SMS thus encompasses the largest number of customers you can reach reliably – anywhere, anytime.

Messages can be up to 160 Latin characters (70 Cyrillic or Unicode) by default. GMS’s platform lets you go further using concatenated messages.

When working with GMS, our enterprise clients can expect only secure and transparent SMS messaging with every campaign. As signatories of the MEF’s Trust in Enterprise Messaging code of conduct, we are committed to reliable, trustworthy, and transparent messaging.

The following is the example of Message that can be sent:

The type of Message is defined by parameters that are specified in your request:

A description of the query parameters is provided in the following sections: