Receive batched delivery report

As soon as the status is updated in the GMS system, Message delivery reports are stored in the batch. The batch is sent to your URL in json-format (http, https). The number of reports in the batch and the period of its sending are configured on the GMS side. Example of report:

  "number": "380961111111",
  "time": 1477417294667,
  "status": 2,
  "substatus": 23,
  "hyber_status": 23011,
  "message_id": "9f60ac8f-e721-5027-b838-e6fcb95fcd7a",
  "extra_id": "AD-6640-7006",
  "sent_via": "sms"
}, {
  "number": "380962222222",
  "time": 1477417299000,
  "status": 3,
  "substatus": 35,
  "hyber_status": 35015,
  "message_id": "e5ea7286-6849-52d7-9e1b-8719b736283e",
  "extra_id": "AD-6640-7007",
  "sent_via": "sms"
}, {
  "number": "380963333333",
  "time": 1477417299050,
  "status": 2,
  "substatus": 23,
  "hyber_status": 23033,
  "message_id": "8a3ff6c5-a1fb-4849-a54b-3c488753cb8b",
  "extra_id": "AD-6640-7008",
  "sent_via": "viber"

The HTTP Status 200 (OK) status code indicates that the request has been processed successfully on server. A description of the report parameters is provided in the Description Of The Request Parameters section.